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Securing our Borders and Addressing Immigration

America’s immigration system is broken. Stephanie believes we must first enforce strong border protections, with a wall, additional border agents and technology. The safety and security of Americans should  come first.

We must also fix our immigration system so states like Oklahoma can have their workforce needs met. Citizenship should not be a reward for those whose first interaction with our country was an illegal act, no matter how well intentioned. However, for those that want to enter our country legally, either to become a citizen or for work purposes, we must do better to improve the process.

Fighting for Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare has been the subject of political debate for years, but that’s all it’s been. It’s time for meaningful action toward healthcare reform.

Stephanie will work to ensure families have the power and control to make decisions about their own healthcare. Democrats support a Medicare For All bill that will increase taxes by 93 trillion dollars nationwide while eliminating private insurance for Oklahoma’s working families.

Instead, Stephanie will work to deliver patient-centered health care with the choice Americans want, the affordability they need, and the quality they deserve. This includes protecting coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Stephanie will work to find way to address sky-high prescription drug costs, especially life-savings drugs like insulin and Epi-pens.

Improving Infrastructure

Oklahoma is the crossroads of America, making our infrastructure an important part of our local economy. Nationwide our infrastructure is in need of repair. Yet Washington politicians have failed to secure the funds to fix it.

As a member of the Oklahoma State Senate, Stephanie helped ensure funding would continue for the state’s 8-year infrastructure construction plan. In Congress, she will work with both parties to continue building our nation’s roads and bridges and support infrastructure funding.

Standing with Veterans

We owe the more than 360,000 Oklahoma veterans who fought to defend our country everything. Those who have served our country deserve access to quality healthcare, education and every economic opportunity.

They deserve access to postsecondary education to help them be able to provide them better career opportunities and the ability to provide for their families.

In Congress, I’ll fight for accountability and transparency for the VA. Brave Oklahomans have put their lives on the line for our state and nation. We cannot allow bureaucracy to get in the way of providing the care they need.

Supporting Education and Oklahoma’s Children

Oklahoma is facing a workforce crisis. We know that a skilled and stable workforce is critical to economic development. Right now, our state is working to grow pipelines between K-12, career and technology education, and higher educational institutions in collaborative and responsive ways.

Stephanie has been a staunch supporter of education initiatives from K-12 through college and career opportunities, including supporting Oklahoma’s Promise and finding innovative ways to recruit new teachers.

Oklahomans need post-secondary credentials to prosper in today’s competitive and technology-driven economy, whether through our colleges and universities or career techs. Stephanie will continue to advocate for education at the federal level, supporting funding for vocational schools and training programs to expand access and career options for our children.

Protecting the Second Amendment

Growing up here in Oklahoma, Stephanie believes law-abiding citizens have a constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. In the Oklahoma State Senate, Stephanie has consistently voted to support your second amendment rights. She is a gun owner and has maintained an A rating from the NRA. In Congress, she will defend your right to bear arms.

Defending the Unborn

Stephanie will fight to defend the rights of the unborn and uphold the sanctity of life. In the Oklahoma State Senate, she has supported pro-life policies and advocated against those that promote abortion.

Protecting Seniors

With the number of Americans over age 65 set to double over the next 30 years, we must preserve and enhance the health care and retirement programs our seniors depend on while also helping families prepare for the demands of an aging population.

Stephanie was named AARP legislator of the year and has fought to support protect our senior citizens.